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The Poetry Cave is considered one of the most beautiful and incredible rock pool in the world. These are three karst caves connected one to another by shafts and tunnels.The Cave is very charming for its shape which gives the chance to have a great bath. On the seabed it is possible to recognize archaeological remains from the third and second centuries BC, the remains of the Greek and Roman civilizations and traces of Turkish and Saracen civilizations.

According to legend a beautiful princess once visited the cave to bathe in the crystal spring waters. When the news spread  many poets went to this place to admire the beautiful muse and dedicate verses  to her beauty.



Archaeological Park is considered one of the most important archeological excavations and the ancient rock village.

This area, has produced some of the best-preserved monumental architecture of the Bronze Age in Southern Italy, along with the largest set of Mycenaean pottery ever recovered west of mainland Greece.

In the Bronze Age it was destroyed three times due to fires and then by a terrible siege.



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